Motion 360

“Tim is a consummate artist with a range of physical abilities that simultaneously impress and connect with his audience.  Whether it’s the use of stilts, rollerblades or a folding chair, Tim leads students to identify new potential in the world around them.”

 -Margaret Pastel, Parent Teacher Committee,Saxe Middle School New Canaan, CT 



Is it theater? Dance? Circus? It’s all of these and more. It’s a performance for now. A new way of looking at creative thinking and how we can use it in our daily lives- in schoolwork, interactions with peers, building self esteem, respect, confidence and tolerance.

At Lattawork, we believe that everything and everyone around us has a story to tell and the potential to teach us something. Sometimes, though, it’s hard for us to slow down, let go and see or hear what is happening around us. In Motion 360, Tim Latta  (former Pilobolus, Momix, Faustwork Mask Theater) demonstrates how we can, literally, stumble over everyday objects and use them to unlock our creativity, look at the world with new eyes and help us discover anew the stories within us all. He creates dance/theatre pieces using objects that range from the ordinary- rollerblades and chairs, to the extraordinary- stilts, masks and rolling milk cans!

While entertaining the audience, Mr. Latta is also teaching a whole new process of exploration. We learn that simple objects in the world around us can be used as tools for creative problem solving.  In the best case scenario, we learn that they can be used to explore our dreams, aspirations and ambitions as well as different sides of our personalities. This process can be used in a classroom, a workplace and throughout our lives.

Entertaining and enlightening, Motion360 will leave audiences saying, “I can”. (All ages)


 “It’s an anti-bullying show (without ever mentioning anti-bullying!)”

                                           -8th grade teacher


“Tim’s commitment to teaching and nurturing creativity in young people is obvious and infectious. His approach to the work has an over-arching element of fun, yet at the end of his show, people of all ages realize they have been learning and are inspired to apply the lessons they have, unwittingly, witnessed.”

-Rob Faust

Director, Faustwork Mask Theatre