Me Pluribus Unum

      “If learning could always be this fun,

students would never complain about school!”

                                      -Fifth Grade Teacher



What does government mean to you?

 What’s this election business all about?

 What are we voting for?

 How does government work in America?



Get the answers in ME PLURIBUS UNUM, the new show by Lattawork and Felicity Jones.

In ME PLURIBUS UNUM, we get a hilarious lecture-demonstration cum stump speech by the wanna-be Queen of the United States of America.  In her negative attack campaign, she unwittingly makes the case for democracy as we know it, and shows us how lucky we are!

As she argues that an absolute monarchy is so much easier than democracy (no questioning necessary, no thinking involved!) she points up the value of civic participation and involvement in our government.

Her ironic criticisms of the American system cover the separation of powers, how laws are passed, taxes, and freedom of speech.  At the end of her harangue, she demands a vote to end democracy in America so she can achieve her American Dream:  to become queen of the greatest nation on earth.

She may be vain, harsh, manipulative and delusional, but she’s not stupid.  In the end she sees the paradox behind her dream. You can’t be queen of the greatest nation on earth if you take away everything that makes it great.  It’s not me pluribus unum, but e pluribus unum: out of many, one.

We are a country where everyone has a voice.  For our system to work, every citizen should use that voice and participate in our society to the best of their abilities.  In exchange for the rights and opportunities afforded us by our system, we must be involved.  It’s a big responsibility.  But it’s a small price to pay to live in the greatest nation on earth!

Felicity Jones Grades K-2; 3-12.