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What We Do

Cultural Arts, School Assemblies, School Shows, Arts Education, Educational Entertainment- call it what you will, that’s what we do. We deal with PTOs, PTAs, public schools, private schools, charter schools, after school; you name it, we perform there. It’s what we do. Felicity Jones and Tim Latta have been entertaining audiences in theatres around the world for many years. (see bios). They now bring their expertise into the schools to perform and conduct workshops for all ages (K-12; Univ. and beyond)). Why do we bring theatre to the schools? Because that’s where the kids are! We feel it’s important to perform in the schools because they are the building blocks of our society. We feel very strongly that exposure to the arts as both a discipline and a medium of expression is crucial to the education of our young people. We also feel that artistic presentation is a highly effective teaching tool that can easily incorporate the common core. We offer two school assemblies for elementary school, middle school and high school and up. ME PLURIBUS UNUM and MOTION 360.

Illustration by Vladimir Radunsky


Lattawork-STEAM powered entertainment for your schools


Our shows are designed to spark curiosity. We can’t teach (the audience) everything about a subject in one assembly or workshop but we can stimulate them enough to get them thinking. Then they can ask their teachers or their parents enlightened questions or, better still, investigate and explore on their own. The hope is that this exploration will take place physically, through texts and interactions with others, and within themselves.

                                                               Every good scientist is an artist at heart:

                                                               science is the tool and art is the process.

STEM is all the rage in education these days and rightfully so. The modern world requires us to be technologically savvy and proficient in all of these areas. But as our friend (longtime educator) Dr. Len Tomasello says, “They left out one VERY important element in that acronym- the letter ‘A’, for the ARTS.” We agree and that’s why we say Lattawork is STEAM powered entertainment.

“Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world. ”    

-Leonardo Da Vinci

We present real and serious subjects in our shows but, as artists, how we present our work is as important as what we present. We believe that an impassioned presentation on the differences between Democracy and Absolute Monarchy by a Queen (or King) who is obviously in love with the United States is a more interesting way of learning about our government than a 45 minute lecture by Tim Latta or Felicity Jones. We believe that a man standing on stilts eleven feet in the air can grab the attention of an audience to talk about tolerance and world perspective much more easily than a 5’9″ carpenter that is concerned about school violence and how we are all going to survive on this planet together.

                                              Imagination is more important than knowledge.

                                                                                      —Albert Einstein

If you are teaching or nurturing the next Albert Einstein, the next Steve Jobs, Marie Curie or Elon Musk, give us a call so that we can discuss what we can do together to give them the best opportunity for success.

When we quiet our minds and nurture our souls with beauty, serendipitous discovery comes to us.              

                                        -Jake Kotze